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We are happy to deliver your coats, which are in our summer storage to you free of charge, in Vienna and the surrounding area.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your loyalty to us!

We look forward to a healthy and peaceful winter with you.

Your families Liska and employees

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Sustainability & Responsibility from Old to New

– service @Atelier Liska

In addition to the newly released winter collection, Liska also offers nonstop service around your fur. Be it the professional storage over the summer, any adjustments or individual conversions of your favourite piece. "Furs are a precious product, and even the forgotten heirloom in the wardrobe offers high-quality material and therefore a tremendous potential". Robert Liska. "So why not make it a warm and sustainable parker for the winter?" ... (more)

by Elfie Semotan

»I'm not interested in photographing pretty women in a lovely environment. Of course, when shooting fashion, it has to be seen in some form, but my work can still question all of these role models and does not need to reinforce them.«

(Elfie Semotan)